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After a week of watching the weather forecast, I was dithering as to whether to collect the car on Friday the 13th – and wow, what a day to do it. After posting on Blatchat that the weather might be too iffy, and hearing many tales of diesel soaked roundabouts and cars that generally prefer to spin on the spot, than go in a straight line. Come Thursday afternoon, I decided to go for it. Rain could be interesting – and good to find out how the car, and I deal with it on day one.

So an early start, 0725 train to from Banbury, and arrived at Gloucester full of caffeine 2 hours later to be picked up by Jon from Millwood’s.

A cup of tea, one tax disc, oil checks done, all paraphernalia tucked away, half hood installed, and pleasantries exchanged, and I was on my way... well at least 30 yards to top up with unleaded. Had my first experience of what I can only describe as being given birth to by a car. So out I popped, topped up, re-strapped in, and left with no excuse but to hold my breath. Promptly stalled the car pulling out, but quickly off after that, not looking at the white van man who just slowed down – in case of being abused!

First couple of miles were interesting, trying to get used to where the buttons for wipers etc are, and keep car in a straight line , but soon got used to it, and soon away. Then promptly got undertaken at a roundabout by a ford Ka.. Right, time to get a bit braver. I ate the miles up, taking in the experience, smile now starting to form, amazed at how cosy the car is, and how dry I’m remaining, even though by now it’s raining heavily. Building the rev’s in a straight line, braking slowly. Even managed a few overtakes, and each time, amazed at how easy it was. Never really pushed it in the corners, and the car never surprised me. I imagine the phantom diesel slicks had all gone home for tea, it was so wet.

Before I knew it, I was in Banbury, with familiar territory and roads. A 25 min drive home towards Daventry, through the village, up the drive, and get greeted by the Brazillian mother in-law, absolutely doubled over laughing. “Craig, the car is smaller than you” she tittered. Made mental note to exact revenge (see soon to be posted youtube video).

Latest update – One week later... Have driven the car in the wet, the mildly moist and high winds, to the Northants, Beds & Bucks meeting last night. Come spring, and good weather, it’s going to feel very strange. Good thing is that my cheek muscles now ache from the constant grinning.....


Craig (Warwickshire 7s)


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